Knowledge Sharing

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The Court’s Knowledge Sharing platform (ECHR-KS) was opened to the public on 18 October 2022. Its mission is to share Convention case-law knowledge, complementing the existing information tools such as HUDOC.

The ECHR-KS is developed and maintained by the Registry and its content does not bind the Court.

The platform presents the latest analysis of case-law developments in a thematic and contextualised manner through particular Convention Articles and Transversal Themes. The materials produced by the Registry are supplemented by documents and links of more general case-law relevance. The platform’s content is updated weekly, making it a comprehensive and up-to-date source of Convention case-law analysis.

The ECHR-KS is available in both official languages, English and French.

Further to the launching of ECHR-KS, the monthly compilation of Legal Summaries (the Case-Law Information Note or “CLIN”) will no longer be published by the Court. Legal Summaries in individual cases will continue to be posted on HUDOC and will also be referenced on the ECHR-KS platform.

The following publications have been transferred from the Court's official website to the ECHR-KS website: Case-law guides, Key cases, Case-law Information Note (archive), Overview of the Court’s case-law, Case-law references of judgments, advisory opinions and key case decisions and Note explaining the mode of citation of the case-law of the Court and the Commission. Case-law research reports collection has been cancelled.

Launch of ECHR-KS

ECHR-KS is the up-to-date and comprehensive source of ECHR case-law. Marialena Tsirli, Registrar of the Court, explains the functioning of the platform through a video.

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The video tutorial explains how to navigate ECHR-KS.