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The expenditure on the Court is to be borne by the Council of Europe (Article 50 of the Convention).

The Court does not have a separate budget, but its budget is part of the general budget of the Council of Europe. As such it is subject to the approval of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in the course of their examination of the overall organization budget. The Council of Europe is financed by the contributions of the 46 member States, which are fixed according to scales taking into account population and gross national product.

The Court's budget for 2024 amounts to 85,163,700 euros. This covers Judges’ remuneration, staff salaries and operational expenditure (information technology, official journeys, translation, interpretation, publications, representational expenditure, legal aid, fact-finding missions etc.). It does not include expenditure on the building and infrastructure (telephone, cabling etc.), which is covered by a separate line of the Council of Europe budget.

The Registry has a Finance and Internal Control Division, which deals with the day-to-day management of the Court's budget, under the authority of the Registrar.