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Arrangements for conservation of the archives and access to case files

 Arrangements for conservation of and access to the archives

Documents deposited with the Registrar are accessible to the public unless the President of the Court decides otherwise.

All requests must be made via the dedicated form. 

 Practical arrangements

Requests for permission to consult files should be made using the online form.

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Historical documents

 Recommendation on the establishment of the Court (1958)

 Summary record of the inaugural ceremony (23 February 1959) (in French only)

 First session of the Court (1959)

 Establishment of the Court (1959) (in French only)

 First election of Judges (1959) (in French only)

 Opening of the Judicial Year (1960) (in French only)

 First case referred to the Court (1960) (in French only)

 First case of the Court (1960)

 First public hearing (3 October 1960)

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Records and archives policy

The Registrar of the Court has established guidelines for the records and archives policy of the ECHR. 






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Archive documents (Rules)